Donate to RCG-I

The activities of the Congregation are supported by its members and other interested individuals. Because there is no charge for membership in the Congregation, your financial support is the main resource which ensures the continuation of the services and activities of the Congregation. Your donation, large or small, will assist in bringing Goddess consciousness into the world.

Among the activities your donation will support:

  1. The training of Priestesses of the Goddess
  2. Conferences and retreats which bring Goddess women together
  3. Our Motherhouse in Madison, WI, a temple and resource center for Goddess women
  4. Legal recognition and tax-exempt status for circles of Goddess women from around the country
  5. E-lists where Goddess women can communicate, learn and share
  6. A web presence for women seeking information about the Goddess

Your donation is tax deductible and you will receive a receipt which will verify your donation.



Make a Memorial Donation

If you would like to talk about making the Congregation a beneficiary in your will or leaving an endowment, please contact us.

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