WTI Weekend Groups


Held in many locations in North America, the Women's Thealogical Institute(WTI) is a way for women to learn, practice and share their spiritual work with others on related paths. It contains three programs of self-directed spiritual development activities designed to further both personal and spiritual growth. WTI is an organized, but flexible program for women who wish to deepen their understanding and commitment to women's spirituality.

The Cella Program

The Cella Program is a course of study designed to assist women to explore, expand and strengthen their practice of women's spirituality, to discover the inner mysteries of both themselves and women's religion.

The Crone Program

The Crone Program is for women over 53. It is a program of spiritual development which builds on a woman's past, but focuses on creating a future for the Crone years.

The Guardian Program


The Guardian Program is a course of spiritual development for women who identify with the amazon archetype.

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