Current WTI Online Class List

CLASSES START SEPTEMBER 10TH. Cost is $65 for those currently enrolled in the WTI Weekend Groups and/or the WTI Athena Online Program. $70 for those not currently enrolled in WTI programs. Email the Online Coordinator for more information.

Those who take these classes for either WTI credit or use them as Continuing Education for their annual Priestess reports are required to complete six assignments and fully participate in the six weekly discussions.

As a reminder, these are closed spiritual circles FOR WOMEN ONLY, which ask each of us to hold what we read and share in deep confidence. This promise of confidentiality allows each of us to share intimate parts of ourselves so that we raise our personal vibrations.




Astral Projection

Instructor: Anne S

Have you ever felt like you were floating out of your body?  Would you like to learn how to project your consciousness to other places or dimensions? Astral projection (also known as out-of-body experiences or OBEs) is a learnable skill!  Please join us for this 6-week class as we explore this natural phenomenon and develop our skills together.

You do not need to know how to astral project in order to participate and benefit from this class. If you have astral-projected before, intentionally or by accident, that's great too! Or perhaps you have had spontaneous experiences and want to learn how to gain more control over these. Each class, we will learn about different perspectives and techniques, there will be homework and assigned reading to practice our skills, and members have the opportunity to share experiences and receive feedback. OBEs are quite natural, part of the normal range of human consciousness, and more commonly-experienced than you would think! Let’s have some fun and fly around on our broomsticks together!

About the Instructor: Anne S has training in Psychosynthesis, Parapsychology, and Life Coaching. She sees clients professionally for intuitive coaching and consultations, and also offers 1:1 OBE Intensives for those interested in developing their astral projection skills further.  Anne has had conscious OBE’s for the past 8 year.  To further her skills, she has taken several classes in OBE’s/astral projection at the International Academy of Consciousness and also studied this topic with several Wiccan priestesses in Florida and Connecticut.  Anne is also the organizer and co-organizer of two local Astral Projection meetups in New England, and has taught classes on the topic in-person and online

WTI Topics: Psychic skills

Course Level: Beginning to Intermediate



In the Mist: Dark Witchcraft

Instructor: Anailia Raven

Witchcraft has lingered in the minds of many for generations. Images of cloaked figures chanting over bubbling cauldrons and flying on broomsticks are still prevalent in this modern age. The witch has always been a disputed figure of benevolence or malevolence. In this eight-week course we will explore the archetype of the witch and dark witchcraft. This course will cover topics such as: Shadow Work, the practice of shedding light on the darkness that lies within all of us; Protection Magick, Banishings, Bindings, Curses, Necromancy,divination from the dead; and Love Magick, the creation and/or destruction of the heart.         

This is an intermediate level course, some knowledge of magick would be helpful. This course will contain weekly discussions, assignments,  provided reading assignments, and private YouTube videos.

About the Instructor: Anailia Raven is in cycle three in the Cella program of the Women’s Thealogical Institute with plans for ordination. She has been a practicing witch for over a decade. Anailia Raven has been the planning committee chairwoman and vice president for the Indianapolis Reformed Congregation of the Goddess-Crossroads. She is now president of southern Indiana’s RCG group called Roots. Anailia Raven has also created a YouTube channel called In the Mist, ​ discussing topics of witchcraft and Goddess spirituality

WTI Topics: Magick, Personal Growth, Divination

Course Level: Intermediate



Woman-identified Wicca

Instructor: Debby Zygielbaum

Woman-identified Wicca will serve as an introduction to the history, philosophy, cosmology, and ethics of feminist  Dianic Wicca. You will also be exposed to fundamental Dianic  teachings, ritual practices and spellcraft, the  purpose of which will be to empower your life  and inspire connection and commitment  to yourself, your community, and the Earth Herself.

About the Instructor: Debby Zygielbaum is an ordained Priestess of RCG-I. She has been involved with the Goddess movement and feminist witchcraft since the early 1990s

WTI Topics: Goddesses, Magic, Psychic Skills, Femininism, Cosmology, Ritual/Liturgy, Healing, and Activism

Course Level: Beginner



Seeking Goddesses for Troubled Times

Instructor: Sharon Danaan

This course is designed to deepen your connection with the goddesses of your choice during times when you need them most. We will use ritual, magic, music and movement to build our strengths, banish negativity, seek answers and raise energy for activism with the help of our favorite divinities.

About the Instructor: Sharon Danann is in Cycle III of the Crone Program on the Ritualist and Creatrix paths, and is a member of the InDiana WTI group. She lives in Euclid, Ohio with two cats.

WTI Topics: Goddesses, Magic, Psychic Skills, Divination and Ritual/Liturgy

Course Level: Beginner