Current WTI Online Class List

CLASSES START MARCH 19TH. Cost is $65 for those currently enrolled in the WTI Weekend Groups and/or the WTI Athena Online Program. $70 for those not currently enrolled in WTI programs. Email the Online Coordinator for more information.

Those who take these classes for either WTI credit or use them as Continuing Education for their annual Priestess reports are required to complete six assignments and fully participate in the six weekly discussions.

As a reminder, these are closed spiritual circles FOR WOMEN ONLY, which ask each of us to hold what we read and share in deep confidence. This promise of confidentiality allows each of us to share intimate parts of ourselves so that we raise our personal vibrations.




Using Creativity to Cope with Life

Instructor: Sharon Danaan

This course will offer suggestion for creative ways to work through the thorny problems of daily life and to start healing deeper issues. We will be using markers, colored percils and collage to access our inner wisdom, move through anger and hurt, and set healing intentions. An ability to draw is NOT a prerequisite.

About the Instructor: Sharon Danann is in Cycle III of the Crone Program on the Ritualist and Creatrix paths. She is a member of the InDiana WTI group. She was led by the Goddess to use self-assigned "art therapy" to start dealing with sexual trauma experienced decades ago and handle life's ups and downs. WTI and her grandchildren provide focus for a life of blissful retirement. She lives in Euclid, Ohio with three cats.

WTI Topics: Creativity, C/S/T, Healing and Psychic Skills



Astrology: A Beginner's Guide to the Signs

Instructor: Kimberly Williams

What are your Sun Sign's strengths? How does your Moon Sign impact intuition? Which areas of life activate your earth, fire, air & water? In this 6-week course, we will explore the energies behind each of the 12 Zodiac Signs and learn where they reside in your personal chart.

Classes will contain a mix of weekly online discussions, YouTube private videos & live video conferencing hosted through Zoom Video. This is a beginner level class. No prior knowledge of astrology is required. Since we will be learning from our own charts, please email me your date, time & location of birth once you have registered or email to discuss options if you do not have that information.

About the Instructor: I am Kimberly Williams, a professional astrologer based in San Antonio. I was drawn to the planets and deities associated with them as a child, and I was fortunate to have been introduced to astrology by my grandmother at that time. She laid the groundwork for my continued studies as an adult. I began offering astrological consultations in 2008 with classes on the subject following in 2014. In addition to readings & classes, I write articles on my blog (Cosmic Compass) and am a member of the professional organizations ISAR, NCGR & OPA. I can be reached here.

WTI Topics: Personal Growth, Divination