WTI Athena Online Program Guidelines

The Women's Thealogical Institute (WTI) Athena Online Program training is open to all women* over the age of 18 who are on a positive path of spiritual development.

All participants shall be members of the Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess, International.

All participants shall read and seriously consider the Affirmations of Women's Spirituality and the Consecration Affirmation. The Affirmation is not a test of faith. It is a guideline for the independent investigation of truth. The Affirmation asks that you think about your beliefs and define them for yourself. If you find, after considering the Affirmations, you are primarily in agreement with them or willing to explore your areas of uncertainty, we will welcome you into WTI Athena Online Program.

All participants shall be asked to:

  • make a one year commitment
  • create and follow through on your own Program
  • complete a WTI contract
  • post a response to each facilitated learning
  • purchase program books


WTI Athena Online Program is designed to be a meaningful learning experience for all participants. Program participants are asked to post a response to each facilitated learning. Before you enroll, we ask you consider if you will be willing to post a response to each of the eight facilitated learnings in the year. If you are unable to respond to two consecutive facilitated learnings, you will be asked to notify your advisor. If you do not notify your advisor about your inability to respond to two consecutive facilitated learnings, you will be removed from the group list and will no longer be considered a member of your group or the WTI Athena Online Program. Removal from WTI Athena Online Program will not release you from the financial obligations you agree to in your contract.

Facilitated learning for WTI Athena Online Program will be eight times a year - near the Solstices, Equinoxes, and Cross-Quarters (September 21, October 21, December 21, February 2, March 21, May 2, June 21, and August 2).

All participants interested in applying for Priestess credentials from RCG-I shall attend one Intensive training session during each Cycle.

Although not required, participants interested in a Mistress of Goddess Spirituality certificate rather than Priestess credentials, are encouraged to attend intensives.

Intensive training offers an opportunity for women in the WTI Athena Online Program to meet and train with women in all WTI programs. Intensives are held at various locations around the country. Each participant attends an Intensive at her own expense.

WTI Athena Online Program is a virtual classroom. All participants are asked to remain focused on the topic at hand. Except for major life events, i.e. birth, death, health, etc., the online list is for working only. All other conversations may be taken to a chat list created by your advisor.

*RCG-I defines women as "women born women"


Who is eligible to participate in WTI Training?

Any woman over the age of 18 who has considered both the Affirmation of Women's Spirituality and the Consecration Affirmation, who is willing to become a member of the Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess, International, and who is interested in pursuing further knowledge of Women's Spirituality, Goddess religion, female divinity, or women's witchcraft is welcome to enroll in WTI training.


How often do WTI Online Groups meet?

WTI online groups have facilitated learning 8 times a year near the Solstices, Equinoxes and the Cross-quarter days. (Feb. 2, March 21, May 2, June 21, Aug. 2, Sept. 21, Oct. 31, and Dec. 21.) Group members respond to the facilitated learning, report their progress to the group, and share related information with each other.


What will be expected of me as a member of a WTI online group?

To be a member of a WTI Online Program you need to be willing to:


What is WTI's orientation?

In making your decision to participate in WTI training, it is important to be aware that WTI training provides credentials in Goddess Spirituality. Although it is possible and even encouraged to create a multi-cultural approach to your studies, the Institute wishes to make clear that basing a majority of your work on activities outside the context of Goddess Spirituality is not within the purview of the program. Specifically, the Institute is not able to provide credentials to those studying Native American Spirituality, African and/or Eastern religions outside a Goddess context. Additionally, the Institute is unable to provide credentials in male-based traditions.


Please do not plan to enroll in WTI if you cannot accept those whose ethnic or racial background, social or economic class, appearance, or sexual orientation are different from your own.


Special Needs

If you have special needs please advise the Institute of these needs along with your registration. You may write, call or email to discuss your special needs and WTI's ability to meet them. Please note: WTI cannot provide special services for you if you do not advise the Institute of your needs ahead of time.