WTI Group Contacts

A Group Contact is an active member in a WTI program (current on all paperwork and attending Advising Weekends regularly). By a consensus of the Group, each WTI Group designates a Group Contact.

The Group Contact's duties are:

  • Keep a current list of member's contact information (names, addresses, eddresses, etc) and distribute this list to all members of the Group as well as provide this information to the RCG-I Mother House.
  • Inform new Participants about when the next Advising weekend will be. Welcome and introduce new Participants during their first Advising weekend.
  • Supply WTI brochures and information packets to prospective Participants. If a new Participant arrives at an Advising Weekend to whom you have not spoken to, give her an information packet and talk with her about registering.
  • Participate in the WTI Contacts listserve. If you are a new Contact Person and are not on this list, email WTI to be added.

    Other things a Group Contact might do:

    • Maintain a list of Participant's birthdays.
    • Plan social or informational events for your group.
    • If there is not one in your area already, organize and facilitate a Study Group.
    • Do outreach for WTI/RCG-I in your local community.
    • Set up a listserve for your Group.
    • Any other thing you think might useful for your Group or its members.