Seasonal Salon

Letter from Editor

Ahhh…Spring! Equinox…a time of balance, when the light and the dark are equal. And, the time when we emerge from the dark…the haven, the safety of darkness. We need to leave Hecate and return into the arms of Demeter. Are you ready? Are you willing?  

Energy is rising from the earth; the daffodils are blooming, although their heads may be drooping from the cold. Crocuses have emerged beneath our neighbor’s old maple tree. Spring beauties tease us into the woods and yes! the spring peepers are singing as they do every year on this day. 

Truly, creativity is burgeoning all around us. The Earth, She is awakening.

Are you? Are you ready to step into Spring…to be awake, to create, to bring into being what you have been dreaming in the dark? Have you been incubating…a poem, a project, a song, a reunion?

While you read this issue of the Seasonal Salon, consider making a pot of noodle soup…noodles are for unraveling any obstacles you may encounter in the coming season. Let us inspire you, entertain you, accompany you as you return….


We welcome your submissions: email in Word document to Nancy VanArsdall

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