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Spring Equinox Altar

Of all the ancient Goddess figurines, amulets, megalithic art and symbols, the Double Goddess reigns closet to my heart and imaginings.  I see Her everywhere!  I see The Double Goddess when two standing stones are leaning affectionately towards each other or when two trees have spent years reaching out for the other so much so their roots become tenderly and lovingly entwined with the other and bodies side by side.  From the onset of creating for Kim Duckett’s Spring Equinox Return Rituals, also named as the Depth Mysteries by her, the Double Goddess in Her many forms, seems like the perfect Demeter Altar.  For myself, the Double Goddess is the Goddess and Her Daughter.

During the Spring Equinox learnings and ritual, Kim brings back around the Persephone’s Descent story as told in the Eleusinian Mysteries and ritualized in Kim’s Mystery School for Autumn Equinox .  The Eleusinian Mysteries were carried out for over 2,000 years in Greece and the heart of the Mysteries centers around Femaleness.  The pre-patriarchal rendition tells of Demeter/The Goddess and Persephone/Her Daughter are happy relating, loving and exploring together the Outward/Growing Time.  Then Persephone begins to have a “Change in Consciousness” near Autumn Equinox, the threshold at which one begins to contemplate the Inner Time/UnderWorld and must “leave” Her Mother, Demeter and visit Her Grandmother, Hecate, the “name given to our inner Wisdom.”

So Demeter knows She must let Her Daughter, Persephone go and follow Her heart and longings and natural inclinations to immerse Herself  “ in the place where we go to listen, reflect, hear, and to heal”.  And as Demeter/The Goddess watches Persephone descend to the Under World/Inner Time, She laments and worries over Her Daughter.  Though She continues to lovingly and energetically hold Her Daughter in the “Time” apart, the Journey is the Inner time is a Solo one and One never can be certain of a “Return”.

They have been “separated” for many months now and at Spring Equinox, Persephone begins the stirrings of another “Change in Consciousness” and begins the long goodbye to Hecate “as She turns and faces Her energies toward Spring and new growth.

The Double Goddess can feel like this long awaiting return to Demeter of Her Daughter.  The emotional reunion from a long dark night of the Soul.  She has been waiting…She has been holding you this entire time….She can sense that you are close now, finally.  She stands stretching Her gaze to catch a glimpse of you as ascend and Return.  

This Double Coyote Goddess altar is created to embrace this reunion of Demeter with Her Daughter, Persephone during Kim’s Depth Mysteries of 200018.  Here, the Initiates read, “Persephone, just as the seed must be planted in the earth, so too must you go into the underworld, the InnerTime, for the nourishments of solitude, healing and reflection.”

“And, now, just as you were called to the time and gifts of the InnerTime World, you are called to the OuterTime World, to bring your gifts of wisdom, integration, and all that you have learned.  The gifts are the unique parts of your Self that is right and needed to be brought forth out into the world.”

“For now, go gently and surely toward rebirth, renewal, new growth, and Spring.”

Finally…..Her daughters have returned!

Coyote came to embody The Double Goddess as Her gifts to us include Her “trickster” qualities encouraging us to shift our perspectives and aids our abilities to be female agents of change.  

May your Spring Equinox intentions include Radical Self Care and lots of renewing, healing, bawdy Baulbo laughter. 


Quotes from Kim Duckett’s new book,  “The Wheel of the Year, as an Earth-Based Spiritual Psychology for Women”.

This altar image was inspired by Louie Laskowski’s art work of two coyotes howling at the Blue moon.  I love Louie’s paintings! 

Material used in the creation of altar: Coyote’s bodies made with combination of river sand and paving sand, and crushed charcoal for nosesand eyes of black and copper glitter.  Their white fur is baking soda and  Hawk feathers down gifted to me by Kevyn and milkweed seeds. “Once in a blue moon” spiral made with sprouted red clover seeds outline with blue glitter, and shards in red dirt curved to symbolize our UnderWorld  Time with Hecate and red circles in top soil made with beet juice powder and red glitter.

Barb Lutz/Tribas’ altars and shamanic creation of sacred space and ritual has garnered her praise and an honored position in the RCG-I’s Goddess community.  Through her Art and her Guardian Heart, she serves Her, as she co-creates “A Year and a Day Sacred Mystery School for Women (Asheville, NC) and travels the country co-presenting “The Wheel of the Year as a Spiritual Psychology for Women,” with her Priestess, Kim Duckett.

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