Seasonal Salon

Spring is Coming

Spring is coming—

the cranes told me so

as they wheeled aloft in the turbulent sky,

calling out the flight plan,

circling to count one another

before angling northward

toward the summer lands.

Blackbirds with their

Red-flashed wings

cry out relief and welcome

atop the wavering reeds.

Home, they cry, we are home.

Snowdrops and crocus

poking longing fingers from the earth,

as if testing the wind,

asking is it time, is it time?

The wind carries the voices

of all the travelers

finding their ancient way to rest.


Sharon Sims is a born-again Pagan who lives in Indiana.  She is a nurse practitioner, a professor, and a shaman.  She enjoys writing, photography, making music, thinking deeply, and laughing out loud.  And after all these years, she still thinks the tall grass prairie is the most beautiful place on Earth.

Category: Spring Equinox 2018