Seasonal Salon

Margot Adler, April 16, 1946-July 28, 2014

The web has been filled this week with biographical info, remembrances and tributes to our beloved sister, foremother and priestess. Many of us have our own personal stories of being with Margot and of the impact her book, Drawing Down the Moon, has had on our lives. In the tradition of Kay Gardner, Margot collected and shared chants in her workshops throughout the years. We learned to sing our joy and reverence for our Mother in circle with Margot. In gratitude, we will continue to honor Margot’s work as we chant, dance, and serve for the good of all.

Margot left us much too early, leaving a huge crack in our collective heart. We mourn the loss of her presence among us in this world. Margot lived life to the fullest with non-stop curiosity, delight and compassion. She now has taken her place at The Great Salon in Summerland along with Kay Gardner, Shekhinah Mountainwater, Merlin Stone, and Patricia Monaghan. May this auspicious Council of Elders continue to inspire and guide us in our efforts to live and walk with Goddess consciousness.

Give a great howl shout out to Margot at the next full moon. She will love it!

Blessed be, Margot, until we meet again.


MG (Mary Gaul) is a Faerie Guardian, Ordained Priestess of RCG-I. She is a healer and works with sound and stones and crystals. She loves elephants.


Editor’s note: This tribute first appeared in the Seasonal Salon Lammas, 2014

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