Seasonal Salon

The Universe is a Womb

SHE-LA-NA-GIG, The Universe. An acrylic painting, 9”x 11”.

The Universe is a womb, a She-La-Na-Gig of hope.

She helps us transition from soul to body, from the body to soul.

She is the womb waters of matter, molecules, ions, and electrons

forming the passage, a contraction path,

allowing her children to enter and leave this world with rhythmic hugs.


The Universe is a womb, a She-La-Na-Gig of promise.

The Great Mother holds all souls' in light,

embracing our oneness and otherness.

We are nurtured in her sacred womb,

rocked by the cadence of deep ocean waves.

The same waves that open song holes in rocks

and lets uterine walls pulse to the moon's call of birth.


The Universe is a womb, a She-La-Na-Gig of love.

She beats the heart-drum that calls our dreams

into “Being,” and guides the spirit's journey to its destiny.

At the end of our time, we let go and She receives.

For She is we; we are She,

until our soul comes around again like a new leaf on a tree.

The Universe is a womb, the She-La-Na-Gig, source of mystery.

Louie Laskowski, visual artist, retired art teacher/35 years, drummer. She is an ordained  priestess of  RCGI. Retired, she is in full renewal for the rest of her life as crone and artist.


Category: Spring Equinox 2018