Seasonal Salon

The Story of Diana

In the silvery moonlight and under the bright sun, She moves through forest and field with Her sisters and Her hounds. Sometimes they stroll and laugh, exchanging warm hugs and caresses; sometimes they run for the joy of running, fleet as the wind.

Diana is the Daughter of the Great Mother, yet also full-fledged Goddess in Her own right. Her name means “Light,” and She is the incarnate female spirit of Moon, Sun and open sky—of all outdoors. She is Virgin in the old sense of the word, a womon belonging to Herself: whatever She may choose to share of life or love, She lives for no other, in the shadow of no other

She is the huntress, and at the same time protectress of wildlife. She hunts only at need, and with love and respect for the life which nourishes Her; thus She is the enemy of killing which is wanton, outside the natural pattern. Sometimes Her hounds course beside Her; sometimes Her deer.

She hunts more than food; and what She seeks, She finds—for nothing can long escape Her swift feet and accurate eye. Her bow is like the slender crescent of the New Moon; it is powerful, with a long reach.

She is the champion of womyn, always here for us, fierce to defend, gentle and strong to comfort, yet challenging us to champion ourselves as well. She teaches us to be proud, to be free, to be wise and loving and powerful. Wherever our lives run, She runs with us.

Amber K (born 1947) is an author of books about magick, Wicca, and Neopaganism including True Majick: A Beginner’s Guide. She has worked with various Neopagan organizations such as Circle Sanctuary and the Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess. She is the executive director of Ardantane,a non-profit Wiccan and pagan school and seminary in northern New Mexico.

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