Seasonal Salon

Seasonal Salon Altar Spring Equinox 2017

There’s a quote in Judith Berger’s book, Herbal Rituals, under the March chapter, that I have come to love. The excerpt says: “By March the snow-haired Crone (Winter’s Night) midwife of death, rest, and inward journeying, wraps the veil of winter around herself and begins her retreat to a hidden place. Like a child called home for dinner who scurries to fit in one more hour of play, the last days of winter often unleash unforgettable storms, loosened by the Winter Crone onto the land, till our bodies ache with longing for Spring.”

This Altar is an attempt to catch a glimpse of Winter Crone releasing and withdrawing back into Her place of rest and renewal. She catches sight of the New Crescent Moon and first signs of Spring’s colors as She bids farewell.

Items used include baking soda, salt, rock salt, dried leaves and white feathers for the Winter Crone’s image. The crescent moon is white glitter and a stone wall with yellow flowers standing on dirt. All is laid on the ground with a black cloth background.

Blessed Be, Tribas

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