Seasonal Salon

From the Editor

This issue of the Seasonal Salon is dedicated to Daña Alder who unexpectedly passed away on December 22, 2014.

Daña was a friend, a teacher, a mentor, and so much more to the many of us who were blessed to have known her. Among her many gifts, she educated and uplifted us with her wit and wisdom in her daily Facebook postings, weaving a vibrant world-wide thread through so many lives. A goddess woman, she was active with her RCG-I congregation. At a Winter Solstice ritual shortly before she passed, Daña talked about the richness of her life and her gratitude for it all. We are grateful for the immeasurable legacy she leaves us. Do not miss “Seeds of Knowing You” for a most delightful perspective of our friend.

…As we remember and honor Daña, the Wheel continues turning. With the increasing light comes the promise of Spring. Bits of green appear here and there; crocuses bloom in melting snow. Spring rains will surely urge tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils to push through the earth which soon will be carpeted with spring beauties and violets, and the fragrance of lilacs will fill the air.

With this turning we open to the teachings of the East—new/renewed beginnings inspired thought, divination and clarity. The element of air is associated with Spring Equinox, so read the poetry aloud, meditate on the art, and put your breath into the words as you read…and re/member.

Here’s to you dear Daña…Fly away bright spirit; many wait for you with open arms.

For the entire obituary of Daña Alder, written by Lynnie Levie, google Daña Alder/Madison, WI/obituary.

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