Seasonal Salon

Psychic Skills in the Creative Process

My WTI path is that of Creatrix. During one of our weekends focusing on Psychic Skills, my advisor informed me that I am a psychic artist. At first, I could not quite wrap my brain around what she meant. Being of German descent and having a lot of Virgo energy in my natal chart, I am mostly a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of person. I deal with the world by gathering as much information as possible before moving forward into making decisions. While I do allow for the possibility of the psychic plane…ESP, the existence possibility of the spiritual dimension, etc., I have never felt that I had much in the way of psychic skills myself. So, the idea of being a “psychic artist” did not immediately compute for me. When I related this fact to my advisor, she wisely encouraged me to give the idea some more thought.

As I more closely examined my creative process, I began to see what she meant. At university, in my art education classes, I learned that there are two basic methods that artists use to approach their work. One requires extensive preparation that includes research and many preliminary studies before the final work is started. The unstarted work is almost totally conceived before it is actually begun. Think Leonardo da Vinci. The other method is more spontaneous and is really not a method at all. Once the kernel of an idea becomes present in the artist’s mind, she begins the final piece with only that small initial idea in concrete form. She does not know beforehand exactly what she will end up with in the finished piece, but, trusts that once begun, the energy of the piece itself will lead to a good conclusion. Think of the Dadaist sculptor, Jean Arp, who said that he always waited for the stone to tell him what it wanted to be before he started to carve.

As I contemplated these two very different approaches, I began to see what my advisor was talking about. Like Arp, I wait until inspiration provides the germ of an idea or image in my consciousness. Unlike him, however, I do not wait very long before being driven to begin. Sometimes I make a few very loose sketches as a guide, but often I take the gist of the image as my starting point and just jump right in. I can see where such an approach could lead to disaster, because I realize that I don’t really step off with a lot of information at hand. There is the very real possibility that one could run out of steam before crossing the finish line or go down a wrong path because the way forward is not yet laid out. Somehow, that very rarely happens to me.

I have always said that I feel most like the person I perceive myself to be when I am creating my art. Actually, in those creative moments, I am not really the “myself” of my quotidian life, but, rather I am in state of being that is of and yet beyond my daily milieu…not unlike the way it feels to be between the worlds in ritual or trance. I am able to simply open myself and work with whatever creative energy comes from who-knows-where to flow through me and out onto the page or into the necklace or piece of ceramics. Once the picture of that process crystalized in my head, I understood that, indeed, I am a psychic artist. I may not be able to receive the thoughts of others, or to bend spoons like Uri Geller. However, I do have an ability, and even a need, to open some unnamed part of myself which allows me to be a conduit for a particular form of creative energy. Perhaps my spiritual name, Loona, is the name of that part of me. To be able to become this creative channel is the greatest gift that Goddess has bestowed upon me and I am happy to use that gift to create art that honors and affirms Her in the everyday world.


Blessed Be!



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