Seasonal Salon

Kwan Yin with Cranes


Kwan Yin with Cranes
Beverly Hof-Miller
Watercolor, 2001

Kwan Yin, Goddess of Compassion, Mercy and Love. She comes to me during this turning.  In the northern hemisphere winter is yielding yet still taking its toll.  The return of the sandhill cranes to the Platte River in Nebraska, USA which normally hits peak numbers (approximately 250,000; 500-600,000 total will use this migration route) at Equinox underscores this movement of the seasons.

During this time, the last vestiges of snow, ice and cold linger, but the greening of the landscape has begun.  The promise of warmth is in the air.  The wind blows the scents of spring from the south. 

But, March is a dicey month for humans.  In 2013, March had the highest number of deaths per month for the year. The crane has been associated with such passing, transporting the spirit to the otherworld from the ancient world to today.  Kwan Yin comforts those left behind while the cranes take with them the souls of our beloved on their journey both northward, to breeding grounds of renewal and on the spirit path to the otherworld.

It has been during this time that I turn to Kwan Yin for passionate caring. I offer tears of release, both joy and sorrow.  It is She who answers my grief, my loss.  She helps me balance, encourages me to dance like the crane, and calls me to share my unique voice as I remember and honor the renewal.


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