Seasonal Salon

From the Editor

30 Years! RCG-I celebrates our 30th anniversary. This issue of the Seasonal Salon is dedicated to this auspicious milestone.

On the Wheel of the Year, we honor the Maiden…the time of desire, of creative desire. Imagine, if you will, the strength of desire it must have taken those two women, thirty years ago—in 1983—to  envision and to begin manifesting their dream of a women’s religion.

In this issue of the Seasonal Salon, which is an outgrowth of the quarterly newspaper, Of A Like Mind, (see “From Us”) we honor through art, poetry and essay, those two women, Lynnie Levy and Jade River, who not only dreamed their desire, they have, against all odds, persevered. While many like organizations have been unable to nurture and sustain their dreams, RCG-I has not only survived the inevitable challenges of wavering economics, growing technology and a changing women’s culture, the Congregation has continued to grow reaching women in not only every one of these United States, but women around the world.

Hilary Clinton reminded us that it takes a village to raise a child; RCG-I has provided women a community in which we co-create along many paths. We are earthwalkers, healers, students, teachers, artists, organizers, activists, ritualists, guardians and priestesses. We are solitary practitioners and women who gather on holy days to honor Her in ritual.

So, Happy 30th Birthday, Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess. We honor you, your women, your vision. We thank you for creating, nurturing, and sustaining a web on which we can all dance our spiritual rhythm.

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