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Beltane Altar: Double Goddess


This Beltane Altar is an image of a Double Goddess from Bronze Age Anatolia.  The Double Goddess is an ancient icon found in many cultures from different times and places around the world. Some are sculpted from stone, bone, or clay, while others are painted on walls or crafted as vessels.   This particular Double Goddess comes from central Turkey and was made of clay. It was created around 2600 BCE during a time “when Amazon Queens were founding cities and known as the Great Liberators.”*  It is heavily marked with what Marija Gimbutas called the “language of the Goddess,” an ancient visual script of Old Europe.  Due to the long and rich heritage of Double Goddess figurines and painted images, I chose to bring this symbol of female-centered culture to rituals during the Beltane Season.  In our Wheel of the Year/Mystery School culture, the Double Goddess brings us closer to seeing ourselves truly as Her Daughters.  This is a wonderful teaching to share with our Maidens/Maens** both our inner adolescent and the young wimmin all around us. We do not teach Beltane or the Maiden/Maen as related to the reproduction of the species. Rather, believe there are more important things for young wimmin to learn and to practice and especially the wonder and magic of Femaleness and the Creation of all things. This altar and the teachings offer us encouragement as we try to find once again (re-member) our ancient, integral sense of self and wholeness, as well as the importance of Connection and Relationship with all things.

This altar is created with river sand, black sand and top soil with a sprinkle of silver glitter.   

*Words inspired by Vicki Noble,”The Double Goddess”.

**this word was created by the participants of a special Wheel of the Year group that met for two years to explore each of the holydays and the corresponding seasons of wimmin’s lives from the perspective of Butch Guardian wimmin. They felt another word was needed besides “Maiden” to honor the unique experiences of wimmin of their ilk.


Barb Lutz’s altars and shamanic creation of sacred space and ritual has garnered her praise and an honored position in the RCG-I’s Goddess community.  Through her Art and her Guardian Heart, she serves Her, as she co-creates “A Year and a Day Sacred Mystery School for Women (Asheville, NC) and travels the country co-presenting “The Wheel of the Year as a Spiritual Psychology for Women,” with her Priestess, Kim Duckett.

Barb/Tribas will be at the Priestess Gathering this year, creating altars and sacred space and co-facilitating our annual and much loved Trance Dance after the opening ritual on Friday.

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