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From the Archives: Candlemas 2001, From Us

This issue we dedicate to Spider Woman and her web of unfathomable intricacy.  Over the past decade we have seen another intricate web develop, formally known as the “world wide web,” more colloquially “the web.”

When we started publishing Of a Like Mind in 1983 our goal was to empower women by stimulating thinking around Dianic Wicca and Goddess spirituality by providing a forum for a wide range of voices, and to end the isolation that engulfed so many of us.  To the latter end, Of a Like Mind also contained a strong networking component.  We spent many years conducting networking workshops at women’s festivals and pagan gatherings.  We were encouraged by women’s hunger to be connected with others of a like mind who either shared their specific interests or their geographic locale.   Facilitating this connection was truly one of the most rewarding parts of our work.  Neither of us will ever forget the workshop where two women from Arkansas, each from a different small town, each feeling like they were the only witch in the world, discovered that they lived near each other. 

Computer technology has provided us with a phenomenal tool that can bring us together with the click of a mouse or a tap of a keystroke, as quickly and as surely as those two Arkansas women found each other.

It can also, by those same means separate and isolate us.  While we can now locate, communicate with, teach and learn from, join in action with like minded folk from around the globe, we can also use the time and energy spent in front of a computer screen to isolate ourselves from those living in our very homes or on our block or in or cities.  It is far more glamorous and exciting to extend ourselves to people, organizations, causes in far away places than to support those at home. 

There is no doubt that the web, and the access it represents, is a remarkable tool.  How we choose to use it, however, is clearly an individual choice requiring vision and wisdom.

Jade & Lynnie


“From Us” is taken from the Archives of “Of a Like Mind”, a quarterly  newspaper that was published for eighteen years from Hallows, 1983-Candlemas, 2001 by Lynnie Levy and Jade River.

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