Seasonal Salon

The New Old Religion

Never aim for equality,

it sets the bar of possibility

too low. Relax into the

art of being. Develop a

lifestyle for yourself

as if there were no

praise and no blame.

Imagine who you would

be without the judgements

of others to contain

you. To find your own

style, strip yourself

of everything except

your true Self. Be boldly

naked. Dress yourself

consciously in your

perfections and their

expectations. Be the Fool

miming Truth to an audience

with 3D blindfolds. It isn't

enough to be noticed,

be recognized. Recognized

for what you are, how

you are, who you are.

You are a limited edition

original, your Self is a

gold embossed calling card.

Don't aim for equality darling,

aim for divine.


Rev. Nano Boye Nagle is honoured to be a part of the editorial board of the Seasonal Salon. She was a columnist and the Poetry Editor of Matrifocus and has been a Spoken Word Performer for thirty years. She is a poet and one day hopes to be more.


Category: Beltane 2014