Seasonal Salon

An Honoring

Thirty years, what can I say.


No words I write can convey


The enormity of what RCG is to me.


 My tribe, my anchor, my home.


 My place in space…of past, present and future times.


 My campground where ancient ones, foremothers, and friends in Summerland


 come gather round the ritual fires and let me know


 I am not alone. I am part of the circle that keeps us whole.


RCG……the diverse web of wimmyn who bring forth Goddess balance to the world.


RCG……bold and humble, simple truth, affirming the self-evidence of sacred femaleness,


 our birthright to live this lifetime.


RCG……nurtures our re-membering to hear Her calling.


RCG……heals the bruising of battles fought with the warmth and caring laughter of


 Amazon sisters.



MG (Mary Gaul) is a Faerie Guardian, Ordained Priestess of RCG-I. She currently resides in a straw bale home on the red earth of southwest Colorado where the clouds sometimes set on the telephone wire. She loves elephants.

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