Seasonal Salon

Personal Ritual in Celebration of Beltaine and 30 Years of RCG-I!!

I have spent the last several nights outside on my porch considering this ritual I am about to do.

Before me sits a tray my Grandmother bought in Italy, as a young bride to a military man she would love until she died at almost 102 years old. It is a guilded old friend whose gold has rubbed off in several places. On the tray, a collection of bells, belonging to my Mother which she passed down to me when she went into the Mysteries herself. They are metal, crystal, and ceramic. She loved bells and so do I. They have traveled with her all over the world through the unfolding of her adult life. But tonight, they will serve to purify my prayers and signal my intentions for this ritual.

I am thinking about all that it takes to get to Beltane each year on the Wheel. We have laid fallow and deep, reveling in repose and rest, only to be quickened again with Her energy and magic. We drew ourselves up and extended through the dark to come out into the sun's persuasion, the wind's caress and the rain's charm. We marvel at the signs of Spring as the beauty of our Mother becomes more visible and olfactory and kinesthetic before our eyes. Now is the time of ripening desire, as manifestation happens almost without care or need, just for the sake of creation. And we see this embodied in our lovers and friends.

I ring the first bell, strong and clear, thinking of the Goddess' gifts in my life. Well paid work, a gifted Lover, a renewed sense of hope and well-being, loyal and true friends, beautiful family, a new identity.

I bring up the memory of countless circles with wimmin over the years that have colored my life in various ways, mostly enriching and growth producing.

I pick up a crystal bell with a sweet high pitch that rings for all that has been done by the Founders and Sustainers of RCG-I to bring us to the present. I ring it while I say their names into the fragrant night.

My heart is filled with gratitude and understanding as I recall the feelings of joy and affiliation standing in ritual and learning in workshops at Gatherings in Wisconsin. I give thanks for the fertile seminary experience that is the Women's Thealogical Institute.

I take another bell and make it sound, this time for the Feminists down through time whose fires still inspire and light our way.

A bell for the Goddess Scholars who inform, connect and bring to life our validity.

A Bell for those who have given tirelessly to bring Goddess culture back to this time, these wimmin, our beautiful planet.

A bell for The Mother House and those who nurture her.

For the artists who have brought vision to our eyes, of the sacred path and herstory that is Goddess- centric. Who shape and create beautiful clothes, jewelry and adornments for our bodies, homes and spirits.

A bell for those who left, in pain, anger, rejection or misunderstanding.

A bell for those who have endured.

Ring out for the writers, the ritualists, the poets. Those that write our chants, our stories and songs. Those that sing and say them.

The Drummers, the Priestesses and the Guardians.

A bell for the truth tellers, the conflict managers, the organizers and committee members.

For our Crones among us and the wisdom they share and keep.

A special bell for those who have passed on into the Mystery. I know they hold us and guide us from afar, their pictures on our ancestor altars across the land.

A bell for the magic of belonging.

A bell for a spiritual path that is organic and fluid. A church home that encourages more than one cosmology and seeking for that which connects us to Spirit in the best right way.

Ring out for Jade and Lynnie, holding space, mundane and liminal, for us all.

Happy anniversary bell, ringing strong and clear, resounding into the busy city night, carrying my words and feelings on its knell. May RCG-I continue to light Her fire in the hearts and minds of women around the world. May the blessings of the Goddess reverberate through our congregation and our work. And may this ring true for many years to come!



Sally Jo Fussell is an ordained Priestess of the Re-Formed Congregation of the Goddess. She also identifies as a Therapist, a Ritualist, a feminist and follower of The Wheel. As a seeker, she loves to learn about spiritual practices and study The Goddess and Her ways. Sally uses her creative energy to write liturgy, craft altars and make spiritually based art. She happily and in good health lives in Austin, Texas.





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