Seasonal Salon

In the Dark

Many people suffer from season affective disorder (SAD); this time of year some of us have a hard time with the decreasing daylight. I want to suggest a spiritual use or practice for this period of time. I also want to honor those who have found this time on the Wheel a struggle.

Having connection with a spiritual sister, a sister who will not just be a “yes” person, but a sister who can ask you to look deeply…a sister who will cheer you no matter the steps taken or the direction.

The day-to-day struggle in the dark time—waking in the dark is my particular challenge—often takes a lot of energy. What follows is only a few suggestions…and some family loving wisdom.

Grandmother Carroll’s ancestry comes through Ireland as indentured servants. The Daily’s came both as indentured servants and later as immigrants. Hence, the spelling of Daly was changed to Daily.

For my family, the dark time is an opportunity. Because farmers’ work slacked during winter, although the cold made some chores much harder. This time placed struggle and helping hands square in the face. Seeing became more challenging, for instance. So, as a child, I was asked “What did/do you see…and what is your next thing/step.

Before electricity, the dark time provided an opportunity to use magic and to connect to the energy of your female line.

Grandma Carroll was a seamstress who made suits and gowns clothes didn’t come on hangers. When I was very young, I remember her teaching me the “Three by Three”, which was a triangular, even-sided piece of cloth that could or could not be hemmed. Not bother about a straight line or raveling edges. Create your wishes in a symbol upon the cloth.” As a child, I drew a lot of pictures of candy.

You can use your own belief structure to bring meaning to the symbols. Overlap them or set them in a place you deem special. The color doesn’t matter to the working, so choose yours by your own preferences and wishes. Simply place words, drawings or symbols on the cloth that reflects your dreams or wishes for the coming year. These are your “seeds”. Anything can represent the seeds. I have used a bead and made a paper bead from a picture in a magazine that spoke to my purpose. You might wish to embroider it on your Three by Three. Size, object or material doesn’t matter. This is your seed: your working.

Now, energetically, water the seed. I often place mine in an empty pot, using wrapping paper as dirt. Grandma Daily always said, “Belief makes—doubt breaks.” Believing can be hard, I know, surrounded as we are by a culture that throws obstacles in our way. But I support you in creating your seed according to your special beliefs. This is a working that is in your control to design and care for.

I believe the universal energy is feminine and is supporting us. I was taught that it doesn’t second guess us or judge. It simply answers. When we get the answer we didn’t want, it can be hard to accept. Yet I do believe energy supports our greatest good even when we do not understand the outcome or the outcome misses the mark we had envisioned. Do not lose belief. Often I have noticed the thing I asked for came to me when I needed it in a way I would have ever envisioned.

Plant your seeds this dark time and grow a wish or dream.

Roisin is an ordained priestess of RCGI, a wild-crafter herbalist, and a story teller. She loves sharing what little tid-bits she finds through the maze of books and dreams. She shares her life in Madison with her beloved community, garden and animal companion, MoChuciala.


Editor’s note: “In the Dark” was submitted for the Winter Solstice issue. However, Spring is also a time for planting seeds, isn’t it?


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