Seasonal Salon

Spring Equinox Personal Ritual

Each season around the Wheel brings with it an emotional and cognitive experience, but Spring is especially so due to the promise of herbs and vegetables growing to feed us during Summer months and Fall.

Before ritual: I gather composted organic soil which is made of scraps of food from restaurants – a bright idea from some college students make a business from turning scraps to good soil. I pray that young people will solve the problems we have on our magnificent planet. After purchasing the herbs and a raised bed for my back porch, I wait for the new moon, waxing side, to plant late at night and have my ritual to Mother Earth and her promise of nurture and sustain.

Ritual: Boye has fixed me up with Ferron, background prayer as I prepare the bed of the garden with paper made from plastic bottles and black rocks. It is work in the deep of the garden as Ferron sings from the deep of her soul and life story. I am grateful for these items that will help my garden drain well. I ask Gaia for blessings and protection for my garden from the bottom up.

I pour in the dirt which is rich, black and beautiful. It reminds me of the song I wrote years ago to the Black Madonna and I sing it, pausing Ferron only briefly of course. I think about all the people who have planted throughout our human line, trying their best to survive. They must have been in awe of the gifts of the Mother, as I am tonight. It must have been spiritual, as it is for me tonight. My intention is to be perfectly present as I build my herb garden, noticing the breeze, the sounds from the woods behind my house, the smell of the soil and plants and the shadow of my lover as she moves around inside our home. Each sound adds to my conscious efforts to be present fully. I am alive and awake. It feels good.

Planting with intention, I bless each plant with water collected in the last rain and ask for cooperation and co-creation with each. Because I am a Hedge Witch, I use a ladle from our kitchen to pour the water over each plant. I know that each time I use that tool, I will be reminded of this special moment with a smile in my heart.

“May this magical rain water support your growth and health, as you will support ours. Thank you in advance for the taste and life you will give our food. We are grateful to you, the plant nation, and the wise ways our Mother connects to us. May your life be full and abundant. May ours.”

Cinnamon basil, lemon basil, sweet basil all go in the bed. Fragrant and easy to plant. Two kinds of thyme, cilantro, parsley, stevia, mint. Dill, my favorite, happily placed among the others. Each is blessed and each receives my energetic support to transition from pot to garden well. The new moon is showing herself in and out of fast moving clouds, my witness for this sacred moment of planting. She laughs and shines. I am aware of her presence with me as I nurture and bless these herbs.

I push away unwanted thoughts about plants not making it, or bugs that can devastate, and focus entirely on the possibility of the moment. Vulnerability is a fact and I embrace it with prayers and courage. Tonight, however, it all about faith. I know it will go just as it should. And I am hopeful.

May all beings be fed. May all beings feed each other. May the plants we have planted grow and survive. Blessed Bee!!

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