It is often said there is one person whose spiritual calling is to give our Spirit permission to enter the Cauldron of Transformation. It is often said that when the Crone Who Waits calls us from beyond The Veil there is one soul who can ease and comfort us. We have heard this many times. In every spiritual journey, what we hear and what we read often does not become a part of us until we experience it at the soul level.

Recently, I had the profound experience of witnessing the process of transformation as my beloved mother-in-law, Ursula, prepared to meet the Crone Who Waits. With heavy heart, I sat with my family at Ursula's bedside watching the Crone creep ever closer. I was unaware I was about to have a deeply moving spiritual experience.

All night long, family came and went at Ursula's bedside. In the wee hours of the morning, as I rested on the sofa, my nostrils filled with a distinct odor that my Spirit recognized as my mother-in-law. A soft grey mist hovered above my head. When I stopped analyzing, stopped denying what was happening, the mist settled upon my head and shoulders -- soft, loving, peaceful tendrils sought my heart center. As I surrendered to Spirit a profound sense of peace and certainty filled my being. The mist stayed with me for what seemed a lifetime but, in reality, was probably only a moment or two. I lay there on the sofa, neither awake nor asleep, and I knew the Crone Who Waits was very near.

The spiritual journey for me has always been about alignment. If we can let go of our constant internal chatter, let go of our "should-s" and our "oh, it can't be-s" then Goddess and Spirit can come into alignment within us. When we are able to surrender to what is we experience the sacredness of life in an entirely new way.

Several hours later, as I entered Ursula's room for the last time, I saw Ursula's sister sitting at her bedside. The room was filled with an unconditional love and acceptance that can only be from the Crone Who Waits. My spirit eyes saw a shimmering as if a film of saran-wrap enveloped Ursula and her sister. I had the intention of sitting down to continue my good-byes when feathery fingers from the Great Mystery turned me around without judgment or aggression and guided me out of the room. The soul who would guide and comfort Ursula sat at her bedside as the Crone Who Waits claimed what was Hers.

Each and every one of us, without exception, will one day meet the Crone Who Waits. Each and every one of us will enter the Cauldron of Transformation. Each and every one of us will part The Veil and enter the Great Mystery. We all understand this in our head. I question if we truly understand this in our heart. If we truly understood that life is a temporary experience we would not use our time holding grudges and being angry with one another. If we understood that we are here for a very short time we would not put limits on the life we choose to live. Goddess has given us the Divine Spark. Our life mission, in my opinion, is to come into alignment with our Heart's Desire. Our life mission, in my opinion, is to walk our Path with the awareness that life is a temporary experience.

I have seen the Crone of Death and I am no longer afraid. I am no longer afraid to die. I am no longer afraid to live.

Each of us experiences the Divine Presence in our own way. May the Blessed Goddess guide you on your Path and may your journey to the Divine Center be filled with wonder, amazement, joy, and peace .

With harm to none, Blessed Be.

Category: Winter Solstice 2005