Seasonal Salon

Seeds of Winter

photos by JaniceFairy

The turning inward time we began at Fall Equinox seems to be changing as we move toward Winter Solstice. It may now feel as if nothing is happening. It may seem as if we are simply going through the motions. It may seem dark and still.

Winter Solstice is often celebrated as the return of Light. I suggest that Winter Solstice may also be about waiting. The Seeds of Winter hang from the vine, waiting in perfect love and perfect trust. The Seeds planted deep within us also wait. We are quiet as the Blessed Goddess works Her miracle deep within Mother Earth. We are quiet while the Blessed Goddess works Her miracle deep within us.

The Crone of November prepared us for the coming stillness. On cool, crisp mornings we began to see our breath -- Her breath. The Blessed Goddess softly, yet boldly, embraced us with the change we call Winter.

As we walk our spiritual path, we must take time to integrate. Our psyche needs quiet time to become whole. It is easy to decide outwardly that we will change this or that; that we will be this or that. These changes do not become real until they have been accepted by the Spirit That Lives Within Us. Our spirituality needs time to be. Goddess planted the Seeds within us many months ago. Our responsibility now is to wait and allow.

The Seeds of Winter are colorful, strong, and vibrant. The Seeds confidently wait for what will be. Deep within us, we sense a shift. Something is changing. Something fresh is about to appear. The Seeds of Winter promise change. The Seeds of Winter promise transformation.

Human beings can be impatient creatures. We want what we want, when we want it, and we want it now. I suggest the Blessed Goddess does not work this way. She does not revere movement over stillness or stillness over movement. She does not revere the darkness over the light or the light over the darkness. She honors the inward journey as deeply as She honors the outward journey. Her cycles are mysterious and perfect. The Blessed Goddess gives us the Seeds of Winter and we know, in The Place Where Only We Live, that the Seasons of Fire will return. But for now, we wait.

We humans are often afraid to look deep within ourselves. Perhaps we think nothing lives within the darkness. Just as our psyche needs time to come into alignment, the Seeds of Winter need the dark to prepare for the light to prepare for the flower to prepare for the fruit to prepare for the seed. Spirituality, like the Seeds, has many layers. During the turning inward time we may start to question, to doubt. We can become impatient. During the turning inward time our spirituality can also become fresh and vibrant. The turning inward time leads to peace and serenity. Turning inward connects us with the Blessed Goddess in mysterious and perfect ways.

During this time of waiting ask yourself: What do I hold tight? What do I clutch to myself? What do I hesitate to let go of? Do I bemoan the dark as the Sun shines brightly in the sky? What is changing within me? What will my Spirit bring forth into the world? What is my Heart's Desire?

Tis the Season of Waiting. The Seeds are within us. Take a risk. Discover the Goddess within yourself. My guess is She will appear exactly as you desire.

With harm to none. Blessed Be.

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