Seasonal Salon

Leaving Winter

    climbing inside
    negative emotions
    lost in debts
    backlash budget blinds
    scarcity feeds her
    hungry pain
    sweet, sweet familiar melody
    unopened envelopes pile
    a deep desk pizza
    a picture of not enough
    secret shortcomings
    conflicting inner belief
    my efforts have no value
    not good enough
    to have a balanced
    bank account
    she falls short
    there is never enough
    she is never enough
    real world reflection
    of her inner worth
    helplessness shaves power
    the secret code
    to crystallize resistance
    found in real numbers
    change in a jar by the door
    facts without emotion
    make room for change
    she draws plans
    new house built on true
    raw intelligence
    and money miracles
    in time to meet new goals
    new dreams anticipate vision

    action aligns with emotion
    she waits for him to leave
    makes the call
    packed bags hidden
    money in old shoe
    taxi honks salvation
    battered broken and bruised
    on the warm side of freezing
    exhausted from years
    of pointless calculations
    shaking, she takes the first steps
    the first steps to hope
    first steps out of debt
    out of poverty
    into abundance
    into the promise of spring

Category: Spring Equinox 2011