Forming an RCG-I Circle

What does it mean to be a Circle of the Congregation?

By becoming a Circle of the Congregation, you become part of a network of Circles all dedicated to following positive spiritual paths. The Congregation brings Goddess women together in an atmosphere of sharing, community and communication.

Circles of the Congregation are circles of women. Each Circle of the Congregation retains its own autonomy. This means the Congregation does not dictate the activities of your Circle, but provides support and encouragement for individual Circles in making their own decisions. Dedicated Circles set their own requirements for Circle membership. In Congregation Circles, neither the presence of absence of traditional ritual, nor the presence nor absence of designated leadership, is a criterion for affiliation.

What does a group have to do to become a Dedicated Circle?

To be recognized as a Dedicated Circle a group must:

  • have at least 5 members over the age of 18 who are also members of the International Congregation.
  • meet at least once a month.
  • declare yourself a Circle and have a declaration service which includes having each women agree that she considers herself to be on a positive spiritual path.
  • complete a Declaration proclamation.
  • provide a membership documents for each member of the Circle.
  • select and submit the name and address of a primary contact person.
  • Agree with the Affirmation of Women's Spirituality as a statement of belief.
  • Provide a semi-annual report of your groups activities.

    Are there Fees involved?

    We encourage each Circle member to make tax-deductible contributions to the Congregation according to their means, and in keeping with whatever they feel is appropriate. egardless of how we may ultimately envision our society, right now it takes everyone's financial support, large and small, to provide the many affirming projects and services of the Congregation.

    Further Commitment

    A Dedicated Circle may wish to consider becoming a Consecrated Circle. A Consecrated Circle meets all the requirements of a Dedicated Circle, is committed to carrying out the purposes of the Congregation, wishes to be legally recognized as a religious organization by the IRS and other government agencies, wishes to participate formally in the governance of the Congregation and to represent the Congregation. Information about becoming a Consecrated Circle is provided to interested Dedicated Circles.

    Would you like to form an RCG-I circle in your area?

    Please email us for more information.