Vending at RCG-I Event Markets


RCG-I Event Markets

RCG-I is pleased of offer space for artists, merchants, and craftswomen to connect with others of a like mind who have need of their wares at our Gatherings. We encourage you to participate in our "Market."

Market Guidelines

  • Displays are limited to set up time and the Market.
  • Each craftswoman is responsible for her own display/table.
  • Goods sold are to be positive and woman affirming.
  • Fees for sales are to be paid to the Market Coordinator at the event.
  • RCG-I is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.
  • No sales of illegal or dangerous substances.
  • Use of common sense and a feminist consciousness.



Market Fees are on a sliding scale of $25 - $75 dollars. Please choose the amount you feel reflects your earnings or more if you would like to make a tax-exempt donation. You will be asked to pay the Market Coordinator at the Event. Each merchant is responsible for her own taxes and fees.



Due to our wish to have artists, merchants, and craftswomen present as much as possible during activities, we offer a "Market,” a concentrated period of time during which no other activities are scheduled.

Timing for Market Activities:

  • Friday and/or Saturday morning—items may be stored in the space where the Market will be held.
  • 1:00 pm Saturday Market set up may start. (If you need more time to set up please check with the Market Coordinator.) 
  • 3 pm – 5 pm Saturday Market.
  • Market is take down must happen by 7:00 pm on Sat. Boxed and/or stored items may be left in the space until Sunday departure. 



You may choose to Market outdoors in front of the market space if the weather permits.  Most artists, merchants and craftswomen set up their displays in the designated Market place. Spaces will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis with those who register first receiving priority.



Sale of homemade or prepared food items or beverages is not permitted at the Market. Food items or beverages designed to be taken home for use or small samples are allowed.


Set-up and materials:

All set-up materials and displays are your responsibility. RCG-I is not able to supply tables, chairs, etc. Please bring what you need. Please see that all displays are removed from the market area at the end of the "Market" period.


PLEASE NOTE:  All merchants must be registered to attend the Gathering.

Gathering Market Registration